USA Security

USA Security

USA Security is a regular news topic. As more Americans become aware of worldwide terrorism and homegrown racial tensions running high, security is going to be at the forefront of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Terrorism from homegrown citizens and the growing reality that ISIS fighters are infiltrating refugee programs, means a clamp down on security, internally and overseas, is necessary to ensure the American Citizens’ safety.  The year so far has seen far too many attacks by Islamist terrorists, most of whom are part of or have pledged allegiance to ISIS. Listed below are the to-date 2016 attacks:

  1. January 7th; Philadelphia; Shooting; ISIS; Police Officer.
  2. February 11th; Ohio;  Machete; Islamist;  4 Injured.
  3. June 12th; Florida;  Shooting; ISIS; 49 Dead, 53 Injured

US home grown Terrorist threaten USA SecurityThe above is UNACCEPTABLE! The frightening thing is that unfortunately, this is just the beginning. The Democrats are trying to bring in hundreds of thousands more refugees from Islamic countries. How many of those so-called refugees are ISIS fighters?  Donald Trump has indicated that he moreso favors setting up safe zones in their originating countries. This option would substantially dilute the risk of more attacks by Islamists in the US.  Using social media to arrange attacks and recruit, Islamist Terrorism poses the greatest threat to American Security.

Boys in Blue

This is a very complex issue as racism is at its core. Without all of the facts behind the police shootings and the revenge shooting of police officers it is impossible to analyse the topic in an unbiased way. All we can say is, We have a MAJOR problem and one that could quickly escalate out of control. One thing is for sure, if the video evidence is conclusive, the police officers involved in the Alton Stirling and Philando Castille shootings MUST be sentenced to Life Imprisonment at the least. The UNLAWFUL killing of citizens by the Police is UNACCEPTABLE. In similar regard, the ambushing and shooting of police officers is also UNACCEPTABLE. ALL LIVES MATTER!

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