Trumps Secret 3 Point Plan for Victory

Trumps Secret 3 Point Plan for Victory

Donald Trump will probably win the November election by a large number of percentage points. Why would Trumps plan for successwe make such an outlandish prophecy when Trump is being trounced by Clinton in the polls?  Firstly the polls are paid for by Liberal news agencies, now we are not saying the media are biased towards Hillary, surely the position of any credible newspaper would only every be neutral?

Trumps Plan for Victory

  1. Trump makes outlandish remarks to gain media attention, there is not such a thing as bad press!  Hillary is already outspending Trump 2 to 1 mostly on character assassination as Clinton cannot deal with the issues because her plan is nothing more than an extension of the current administrations failed policies. Trump will continue playing the fiddle and the media will keep on dancing to his tune.
  2. Hillary Clinton has not help a press conference for over nine months. The reason for this is simply she could never defend or answer a vast majority of the questions that would be thrown at her. Everything she does is scripted and carefully vetted. Donald Trump is fully aware of this vulnerability and he fully intends to exploit that weakness during the Presidential Debates.  Hillary will crumble under the pressure that will be exerted on her by Trump.  Trump will gain at least 10 points during and after the debates.
  3.  Donald Trump knows the Never Trump campaign will fold and come into line before the election date. The members of this career politician sect see Trump as a threat to their very existence.
    On the other side of the isle, the Forever Bernie sect have a deep set hatred for Clinton and the DNC cronies that rigged the primaries and all but shut out their chosen candidate. (See Video Below) They will not forgive and Mr Trump knows that although they will not publicly support him the isolation of the polling booth is a very safe place to obtain the justice their candidate so dearly deserves.


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