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Petition to Stop Outsourcing, Bring Our Jobs Home

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It’s Time to Stop Outsourcing and Bring our Jobs Home.  Corporations are betraying the very people who Stop Outsourcing Bring Back American Jobs that have been Outsourcedpurchase their products and services. It seems they think it is acceptable to outsource American Jobs to fatten their purses. The time has come for The People fight back. EVERY Citizen and Legal Resident has a right to work. these people have been betrayed by the corporations for a buck.

Sign the petition below and Report Corporations who are outsourcing Here

The petition will be sent to every corporation who has been reported and proven to be outsourcing jobs that could be filled by American Workers.

It’s time to bring our jobs home
Sign the petition below!

We The People have the power, Let’s Use It!


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General Stop Outsourcing Petition

Outsourcing Petition

We the undersigned demand that (Name of Corporation) repatriate all jobs that can be filled by the American Labor Force. If (Name of Corporation) do not repatriate these jobs, we will seriously consider boycotting any product or Service your Corporation offers.


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As a combined force, the people have the power to force the corporations to bring our jobs home. As consumers you have the option of demonstrating with your buying power, if everyone boycotted corporations that outsourced and supported their competitors that employ home grown workers, how long do you think it would take to get the message across?

Help us by signing the General Outsourcing Petition. Let’s get the Country back to work.

The target set for our first year is 100,000 jobs repatriated. That is a enormous task but we believe with your help, WE CAN DO IT!

State of the Nation

The State of the nation littered with Unemployment LiesThe people’s perception of the State of the Nation depends on who you talk too; the nation could be considered to be in different states of degradation or growth. Not surprising, the ruling Democrats boast growth and low unemployment.  In his last State of the Union speech, the President claimed that his administration had created 14 million jobs during his term.  Is this true?  NO. The facts show he has created only 9.3 million jobs. But how many have been lost during his term? Whatever figures they tout to an uneducated population are meaningless. Let me explain why the figures are rigged and give you a false perception of the State of the Nation.

Sooner or later, the American population will discover that it is theoretically possible for the USA to have a zero rate of unemployment while, at the same time, having zero people employed in the labor force.  The reason for this disquieting statement involves how this and previous governments measures unemployment.  To be classified as unemployed, one must be looking for work.  Able-bodied Americans who become disenchanted and stop looking for work are counted as voluntarily departing the workforce. They are then counted in a whole different category called Not-In-Labor. This has allowed past and current administrations to falsely indicate that the unemployment rate was improving. This is misleading at best and downright rigged at worst!

True Unemployment

45% unemployed That is the Real State of the NationThe best way to calculate unemployment would be to add the Unemployed and Not-In-Labor categories to get the real figure of who is not working. Those physically unable to work and retirees are not counted. This will then give us an estimate that can be compared month by month.

So using this formula, what is Obama’s real unemployment number?

There are 319 million people living in the USA, of which 64 million are physically unable to work or retirees. This leaves 255 million; 45 million of whom are children under working age, so we will deduct them. This leaves a possible workforce of 210 Million.  95 million do not work, and there are 115 million working. So the true unemployment rate is 45.23% or 45 people out of every 100. That is unacceptable!

Why Are Unemployment Rates So High

With rates that high, how are the 45% living?
5% are claiming unemployment. The other 40% include a growing number of couch-dwellers who watch daytime TV and have no ambition to better themselves by working. Why has this number grown so much?
A vast majority of these people are uneducated and, even if they had the inclination to work and support themselves, instead are living on handouts. Illegals are snapping up as many of the minimum wage jobs they can, half the time with fake IDs. Couple this with statements by Hillary Clinton like, “You get more bang for the taxpayers’ buck on food stamps,” couch dwellers have little incentive or encouragement to work. At some point, the benefit system will have to be overhauled, and the only time you can do this is when jobs are plentiful, which will only happen if we restore our manufacturing base.


The Administration and opposition will use every method to spin statistics in their favor. So who do you believe? Let’s look at the Manufacturing Base. Everyone would agree that more manufacturing will create badly needed jobs. The 2015 trade deficit with China is running at just under $366 billion. Let’s write that out so you can visualize the scope of this problem: $366, 000, 000, 000. We imported $481.9 billion, yet we exported a mere $116.2 billion to China.

The USA owes China $1.3 trillion. The US, being the world’s largest economy, are China’s largest customer, so China cannot afford to lose our business. With China having its own economic problems, NOW is the time to re-negotiate our trade agreements. (Read our plan for the economy.)

The True State of the Nation

It is dismal. Using the true figures, it really is bad! The only way forward is to make sweeping changes, changes that will be painful at first but well worth it in the long haul.


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