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UK Germany War Looming

A Trade war between Germany and the UK is a distinct possibility as a result of the Brexit vote. The two heavyweights will go head to head in the negotiation of the UK’s new trade agreements with the EU.
Germany currently stand 4th with the UK at 5th in the world economy rankings.  Both countries can ill afford such a war and will do everything possible to avoid it.

New Trade Agreements

EU Crumbling before Germany's eyesThe UK now has the luxury of negotiating new trading agreements as once leaving the EU they will all but disappear.
Since the landmark Brexit vote, Theresa May the UK prime minister has been reaching out to other European Members trying to negotiate future trading between their nations.

New Partnership

A mini rival trading partnership between The UK, Sweden and Denmark seems likely.
As the worlds 5th largest economy.
The UK would lead the partnership. This partnership can be seen as nothing less than a gateway for other countries to leave the oppressive governing of the EU parliament, while ensuring it retains trading partners. This new partnership would be instantly condemned by Germany who saw the EU and especially the Euro as a means of controlling Europe.
The threat of a trade war between the rival partnerships is a possibility. Germany will have to make that decision before its European Control Mandate once again fails.

UK Trade Data

The UK runs a 70 Billion trade deficit with The EU, that means the EU need a good trade deal with the UK as soon as possible to minimize the cost to member countries.  The UK seems to be holding all the cards and should negotiate the new deal as such.


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