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America Reborn

Trump The Peoples ChampionThe memory of the morning of the 9th November 2016 is burnt into my head as a new beginning, a fresh start for the country I so dearly love. The air seemed to have a freshness that only comes with real change. I sat on my porch and contemplated what the much brighter future would hold for me. My beloved America had faced its reckoning day and sanity had prevailed, tyranny had been resoundingly defeated without a shot being fired.


Had it not been for the corruption this election could have had a much more costly outcome. The moron’s demonstrating across the nation are the same morons whoSad Face of Communistic Democrats believed Bernie Sanders when he promised them the earth in the communistic society he would have created. That is to say nothing of the $600k cash Bernie paid for his new home. Sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like your Savior was brought and paid for. The truth is NOTHING is FREE in this world and the USA offers the most opportunities to those who are prepared to work hard for their dreams.
Had Bernie Sanders won, you would not have seen demonstrations on the streets, you would be witnessing the break-up of the Union. The problem is, 50% of the people want to move towards a communistic system while the other 50% want to consolidate this nation as a capitalistic society. The is no pain free solution to this divide.

America, The Lost Values

Minorities are and should be obsolete, why should the color of your skin or your sexual preference make any difference to your identity? Every Citizen of this great nation is first and foremost an AMERICAN! African American, Mexican American, or any other race identifier before American is  not only factually wrong unless you were actually born in the preceding country, it is a divider and as such is racist in itself.
People of Color using African or citizens using Hispanic, Italian, Russian etc, as an identifier are segregating themselves from the main stream of society.
Yes they should be proud of their heritage and research it.  If they did the fact is, you would be shocked that the vast majority of these counties citizens would jump at the chance of immigrating to the USA.
It is time to wake up and smell the sweet scent of FREEDOM. Drop all of the ethnic identifiers and join together as one society. what happened to “Ask what you can do for your country, Not what your country can do for you?
All Americans should serve their country in some way to help make it better.
Why are some in the military upset that Trump won? These ungrateful individual’s are now asking to be discharged from the duty they swore to perform for their country. The truth is, these individual’s did not join the Military to serve our nation, they enlisted to either see the world free or for the free tuition that everyone enlisted enjoys. They should all be Dishonorably Discharged as they couldn’t be bothered living up to the oath of allegiance they swore. It is a privilege to serve your country and do your part to ensure the whole nations freedom.
Flag burning on the streets shows the disrespect these ungrateful morons show towards the veteran’s that gave their lives honoring that flag. They fought in horrendous wars on every continent to ensure these moron’s could demonstrate in our free society. If america offends them so much, then please do go elsewhere. The problem is that they won’t.  They do not want to lose the freedom they take for granted.

USA’s Reckoning Day

The 8th Day of November 2016 will go down in history as The U.S.A’s reckoning Day. NOTHING IN THE GOOD OLD USA WILL REMAIN THE SAME. There are so many pointers that this day will shape the FutureSumpter 1861 of these great United States. Not since (Read More)  the election of 1860 in which Abraham Lincoln won a victory, some would call great. With the Union so badly fractured and such a diversity in beliefs of how the union should be run.  Lincoln had his work cut out to bring the republic back together. The Southern States had already put forward their intent to leave the union something that Lincoln was determined would not happen under any circumstances.  The Southern States joined forces and the Confederate States were born.  It wasn’t long before the confederates started forcing any union military from their declared land.  Fort Sumter was to be the flash point that started the bloodiest war America had ever seen on their own soil.

Before a shot was fired the Confederate Commander ordered the Northern soldiers to vacate the fort and leave confederate lands. Lincoln ordered his soldiers to remain and the bloodiest war on US soil had begun.  So why did the Southern States wish to leave the union? Slavery was actually in decline as the cost of keeping slaves healthy was fast becoming uneconomical.  So with slavery in decline what was the reasoning behind Lincolns intent to wage war against fellow american’s?  Cotton is the answer, as the worlds highest producer of cotton the southern states had a vibrant economy that was far superior to the rest of the union. So from this we can only deduct the the Bloody war which claimed the life of 6000,000 Americans was in fact money motivated and not as history teachers would have you believe, it was never over slavery. Slavery in the Northern States was rampant many years after the end of the War.  Unlike the modern age, The American people in 1860 would not sanction a war over money so slavery was the ruse used by Lincoln. Lincoln must be held solely responsible for the 600,000 deaths Just as without any WMD’s being found, Bush JNR must bear the responsibility for the loss of life in Iraqi Freedom.

With 50% of the Population moving toward the far left and the other 50% moving to the far right, it equates that 50% of the people are unhappy with the way they are being ruled during any given electoral term. You simply cannot have that diversity without a need for change. Remember the EU, they thought they were indestructible until little old England decided they wanted to move their country in a different direction. This allowed them to re-negotiate all of their trade deals from scratch. This time with hindsight you will see deals that levy tariffs on countries who used to trade freely under the EU.

The Years of 1860 and 2016 have a lot in common. We are once again living in a country with diverse thoughts and beliefs and it will only get worse if Hillary wins the election she will have her way. Woo betide any poor person who gets in her way and people have a habit of dying when disagreeing with The Clinton’s (Sounds Like A Few Dictators Around The World?  )

The Left are ever moving closer to a communistic regime while the Right is moving further away. So with this in mind, how can the nation become one again? With such diversification it may very well be too late as we are already on the prissepis  and from here the only way is down.

The Clinton Threat

USA Politics as a whole is streets ahead of everything else when it cones to corruption.  A majority of Politicians are career politicians, this means their top two agenda are 1. Their survival in the post, 2. Amass as much money are they can while in office.  As the Clinton foundations Pay for Play is slowly being revealed it shows the Third highest office in the US Government was in fact up for sale to the highest bidder. Although breaking many federal laws, will any of the Clinton’s ever serve jail time? Absolutely not because they are of an elite class far from the rest of the american population who would go to jail for taking a picture of Area 51, let alone leave classified e-mails on an unprotected sever and even call int Clintonemail.com  How naive she was if she didn’t think it would be every hackers jackpot.  The FBI called it Gross carelessness, now this provokes a credibility question. Do we want someone in the White house who is grossly careless? Maybe that is the excuse she gave when they stole furniture and other items from the white house last time they left. In Truth, she is a thief and a liar and both have been proven,

The  difference between what Hillary did in the state office, and what she would do in the white house could be catastrophic to the country.  While In the state department she was restricted to suggesting projects and sales of valuable asserts to foreign governments. Can you imaging the free for all she would have holding a blank pad of presidential executive orders? She would be dishing them out as quickly as a quack pain clinic does.

The Supreme Court

If Hillary wins the election at least two new democratic judges will be added to the supreme court. This would leave the Constitution vulnerable to Modern liberal interpretation. The 2nd amendment would stay but with so many restrictions it would leave prospective gun owners filling so many forms and encountering even more bureaucratic channels to navigate through, they would probably give up. Another route Hillary likes is the loophole in the constitution that says The United States must honor all foreign treaties. So Hillary could negotiate a treat with say the UN to withdraw guns and that would then become law in the USA overriding The Constitution.

Proud to Carry

Once again the politicians are so removed from the general feel of the people that a vast majority of gun owner would not hand in their weapons. And of course nor would the millions of criminals. An attack on the 2nd amendment would push the states into civil disobedience and ever closer to the Fort Sumpter breaking point we saw in 1860.

Open boarders

Hillary wants open borders this would push state services towards  bankruptcy as they tried to coupe with the Humanitarian crises it would bring. Of course Hillary would not care about this, after all, all she would see are more voters most of whom would vote for Democrats. The States would also have to deal with the countless hardened criminals who would flock over the boarder looking for richer prey. Law and order would break down as the police were picked off one by one by either police haters or the Syrian terrorist who had been let in under democratic fantasy background checks.

Just these TWO democratic policies would be enough to start succession requests from the union. Texas would probable be first as they are already a sovereign nation. Other states would soon follow once they saw how prosperous Texas would become without Federal interference.

My prediction

Within 1 year of Hillary winning, Independent Candidates will begin running for Governorship’s countrywide, all will be Running on the policy of  mandating a referendum on secession from the union.

With a trump victory, the union will last no more than 10 years.

With a Clinton Victory it will not last 3 years

So whether it the result of the election, sooner or later, the writing is already on the wall!

This will not be a bloody war as in 1860, the war will be won or lost by the referendum ballot pole just as in the UK.  Liberals being Liberals will not want to look bad to the rest of the would by causing an armed conflict and the south as before they will never fire a shot unless in defense.

The liberal faction will call this nothing moor than a fairy-tale. While the true conservatives  and deep thinking people will see this as the writing on the wall.

God Save The United States of American



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