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America Reborn

Trump The Peoples ChampionThe memory of the morning of the 9th November 2016 is burnt into my head as a new beginning, a fresh start for the country I so dearly love. The air seemed to have a freshness that only comes with real change. I sat on my porch and contemplated what the much brighter future would hold for me. My beloved America had faced its reckoning day and sanity had prevailed, tyranny had been resoundingly defeated without a shot being fired.


Had it not been for the corruption this election could have had a much more costly outcome. The moron’s demonstrating across the nation are the same morons whoSad Face of Communistic Democrats believed Bernie Sanders when he promised them the earth in the communistic society he would have created. That is to say nothing of the $600k cash Bernie paid for his new home. Sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like your Savior was brought and paid for. The truth is NOTHING is FREE in this world and the USA offers the most opportunities to those who are prepared to work hard for their dreams.
Had Bernie Sanders won, you would not have seen demonstrations on the streets, you would be witnessing the break-up of the Union. The problem is, 50% of the people want to move towards a communistic system while the other 50% want to consolidate this nation as a capitalistic society. The is no pain free solution to this divide.

America, The Lost Values

Minorities are and should be obsolete, why should the color of your skin or your sexual preference make any difference to your identity? Every Citizen of this great nation is first and foremost an AMERICAN! African American, Mexican American, or any other race identifier before American is  not only factually wrong unless you were actually born in the preceding country, it is a divider and as such is racist in itself.
People of Color using African or citizens using Hispanic, Italian, Russian etc, as an identifier are segregating themselves from the main stream of society.
Yes they should be proud of their heritage and research it.  If they did the fact is, you would be shocked that the vast majority of these counties citizens would jump at the chance of immigrating to the USA.
It is time to wake up and smell the sweet scent of FREEDOM. Drop all of the ethnic identifiers and join together as one society. what happened to “Ask what you can do for your country, Not what your country can do for you?
All Americans should serve their country in some way to help make it better.
Why are some in the military upset that Trump won? These ungrateful individual’s are now asking to be discharged from the duty they swore to perform for their country. The truth is, these individual’s did not join the Military to serve our nation, they enlisted to either see the world free or for the free tuition that everyone enlisted enjoys. They should all be Dishonorably Discharged as they couldn’t be bothered living up to the oath of allegiance they swore. It is a privilege to serve your country and do your part to ensure the whole nations freedom.
Flag burning on the streets shows the disrespect these ungrateful morons show towards the veteran’s that gave their lives honoring that flag. They fought in horrendous wars on every continent to ensure these moron’s could demonstrate in our free society. If america offends them so much, then please do go elsewhere. The problem is that they won’t.  They do not want to lose the freedom they take for granted.


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