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The Political Reform Proposal

Political Reform is well overdueThe US political system has been seen as the root of a vast majority of the country’s problems. Politicians are known to commonly say one thing during campaigning and do something completely different once elected.  Most have their own personal agendas and are open to all sorts of bribery. Many of large corporations have their own pet politician in their pocket.  It is widely agreed by everyone outside of the system that it needs overhauling. Washington is for sale, always has been and always will be unless action is taken.

The Political Reform Proposal

Both mainstream parties are corrupt to the core, the Democrats rigged their own Primary and the Republicans only buckled to Trump when he reached the magic number.  The only way to clean up Washington is to attack its source and that means going after the parties themselves. We put forward that ALL political parties should be outlawed. Every candidate should be independent. Conservatives, Socialists, Greens etc…all would run and be elected on their own merit. We can hear you laughing now and maybe even shouting “That will never work.” Please be patient and let us explain.


A federal law will be enacted to force TV and radio broadcasts to allot equal free primetime space to all candidates on the ballot poll for the areas served, regardless of platform.
Every prospective Candidate running for a federal office (the States can sort themselves out), being an independent, must first obtain supporting signatures of 3% of the citizens residing in the area they are contesting.  A federal website will be set up to achieve signatures electronically. Each candidate will be asked to list five things they promise to work toward if elected, which will be visible for public viewing.  Signers will have to be verified through his or her Social Security number to assure the validity of the vote. Any help achieving the signatures must be on a volunteer basis only, Payments or gifts to volunteer’s would be a federal offence.
All prospective candidates achieving the 3% would progress to the Primary stage running against each other.  The TWO candidates receiving the most primary votes would then be issued a ballot application form.

Ballot Entry and Funding

The Ballot entry application will require them to prove eligibility with their Birth Certificate. If any candidate fails to furnish a valid Birth Certificate, they will be disqualified and the candidate with the next highest primary votes will replace them.
Once qualified, they will be given access to their federally-funded campaign account which will be funded as follows: Congress – $1,000,000; Senate – $5,000,000; and President – $50,000,000. Though small compared to the funds used today, the free airtime will allow each candidate equal opportunity to get their word out. All money will have to be accounted for and any balance forfeited after the election. If we calculate 2 candidates for each elected post. The cost to the government for each electoral cycle would be as follows: Congress – 435 x 2 x $1 million = $870 Million;  Senate – 100 x 2 x $5 Million = $1 Billion; President 1 x 2 x $50 million = $100 Million. The total cost of each electoral cycle would be $1.97 billion, a small price to pay for a clean government.


Lobbying for monetary gain would be made illegal, punishable by fines of up to $10 million or 10 years imprisonment. Severe? Yes, but if we do nothing to stop corporations from buying politicians, we are sunk! A new government department will be set up to allow lobbying via application. Applications will be forwarded to local representatives for local issues and to general for national matters.

Political Pork

The practice of adding small lucrative bills with major bills will END! Bills over $100 million will be heard and passed individually. Every bill under $100 million will be bundled by topic to the $100 million threshold.


ALL federal elected representatives will be subject to term limits as follows: President, 2 terms (no change); Senate, 1 term of 6 years. House of Representatives, 2 terms of 2 years.

Retirement Income

A political career is currently very lucrative. Serve one term in the Senate and you are paid a pension for life. Serve 3 terms in the House and the same applies. The president only needs to serve one term to qualify. This is outrageously expensive and has to be reformed. For this reason, our political reform plan includes a overhaul of these payments.
Because the proposed term limits take away career politicians, pensions should not be needed. We do, however, understand that serving your country creates upheaval in lives. Therefore, pensions would not be totally abolished. Each serving representative will receive an income equal to what was earned while serving. This will be spread over and equal to the time spent in office, making the transition back to public life easier.

The only way a plan like this would have any chance at all is if more and more Independents are elected and even then, would they vote to shorten their political career? Probably not!

We never said cleaning up Washington would be cheap, but the return on investment is the knowledge of knowing  that EVERY representative is both clean and serving their country for the right reasons.

As usual, your input is desired.


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