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Help to decide which candidate to choose. Trump or Hillary

Undecided Survey 2016 Presidential election Results

2645 Undecided Voters for the 2016 presidential election were asked whether they agreed, disagreed or had no opinion when confronted with 20 policy statements. Date of survey 9/1/2016 – 9/3/2016. Medium: Facebook. Each participant was restricted to one entry by way of restricting both IP address and Device number.


  Question Agree Disagree No Opinion
1 Abortion on demand is Every woman’s right 33% 58% 9%
2 We Need Legislation to Require companies to hire more women and minorities 27% 62% 11%
3 Laws are required to protect Sexual orientation civil rights 44% 44% 12%
4 No Family Values should be taught in schools 21% 70% 9%
5 Whether to keep or abolish The Death Penalty Should be decided by individual states. 74% 19% 7%
6 Stricter laws should be imposed on political campaign funds 86% 8% 6%
7 Three Strikes sentencing laws should be mandatory 60% 29% 11%
8 Parents should be able to choose which school their children attend by a voucher system 59% 28% 13%
9 We should Replace coal & oil with alternatives. 42% 51% 7%
10 Drug use is not immoral and we should relax drug laws. 40% 54% 6%
11 There should be total separation of church and state. 59% 34% 7%
12 The IRS should be abolished and a Flat Tax imposed. 71% 21% 7%
13 Social Security should be Privatized 54% 38% 8%
14 The Economy is heading in the right direction. 29% 66% 5%
15 We Should Expand our Free Trade Agreements. 26% 60% 14%
16 Defense Spending should be increased. 56% 10% 34%
17 Trans Gender individuals should be able to use bathroom of their choice. 25% 66% 9%
18 The US should make National Service in the Military Mandatory. 53% 35% 11%
19 Syrian Refugee’s should be allowed into the US 30% 63% 7%
20 We should implement Open Borders and allow freedom to cross at will. 39% 59% 2%

More survey’s to come.

The US Faces its D-Day

The US faces its D-day on November 8th 2016. This date will go down in history as the day US face d-daythe American people were faced with the most important decision in its 240 years of existence.  Way back in 1776 the American people took their country back from oppressive British Rule.  The time has now come for the people to once again stand up and be counted.

US vs Europe

The US although 10 years behind is rapidly catching Europe up. As a whole Europe follows socialist ideology. The Birth of the European Union was the biggest step toward world government the human race had ever seen.  Since its inception in 1993 a power hungry European Parliament systematically stripped rights from member countries. The oppressive government slowly but surly chipped away at the sovereignty of member countries in an attempt to weaken individual democratically elected governments.

The inception of the Euro currency in 1999 was meant to make currency exchange inside the union a thing of the past. The UK refused to join the EU monetary system, this was the first indication that the British people were not happy with the EU policies.  The EU parliament continued enacting what seemed to be meaningless laws like restricting the size of toasters being sold in Europe.  Laws like this were brushed aside by individual countries as meaningless when they can only be seen as infringing peoples choices.

PC became the poster boy for the community to such an extent every UK prison’s was closed while the toilets were re-positioned to ensure they were not facing Mecca and therefore would not offend Muslim Criminals.  Halal Meat, which is the only meat Muslims are allowed by their religion to eat, has emerged as the only choice available in most UK meat markets. You cannot purchase a Ham or Bacon sandwich in Subway, KFC only sell Halal Chicken. Major high street supermarkets cram their shelves with the Muslim allowed meats.  There are over 80 Sharia courts in the UK. The list goes on!  The Minority UK Muslims are restricting the choices of born and bred UK citizens.

The UK people claimed back their country on 23rd June 2016 with a vote to leave the oppression of the European Union.

USA Heading The Same Way

The similarities between the EU and the US, which is still supposedly a REPUBLIC are scary to say the least.

The USA  has reached a crossroads, some are calling it the American D-day. The first is without any doubt true. PC has run riot, high ranking administration officials are touting the value of Sharia.  Stupidity laws are being passed in a effort to restrict choices. Borders are under threat like never before. Gun control advocates are progressing towards enacting laws that would create a gun free USA. All of the these are an effort to restrict and change the way Americans live their lives. Bigger government, more entitlement programs and a defenseless population means, total government control would be easier and without any risk of insurrection.

In 1938 Hitler  and his Socialist Government enacted a Gun Control Law that made his dictatorship of Germany and the oncoming Genocide of the Jews easier to accomplish.
The D-day landings of world War Two were the beginning of the allied army’s reclaiming of fallen countries from the socialist dictator and his Nazi regime. America’s D-day will be November 8th 2016, whether the people are successful in reclaiming their country  rather largely depends on the gullibility of the American voting public.  The choice is simple, A socialistic Hillary Clinton or The peoples representative Donald Trump.  So let’s take a look at what each candidate is offering.

Hillary Clinton

  1. Wants relaxed Boarders (Sound Like Europe?)
  2. Promotes Mass Refugee Programs (Check out the troubles in Europe especially Germany)
  3. Wants Bigger Government (Sound like a move towards World Government?)
  4. Advocates Total Gun Control (Sound Like Hitler and his Nazi’s)
  5. Wants to gain control of the Supreme court to legitimize her Constitutional breaking agenda.
  6. Will continue with and expend the Failed Obamacare ( Sound like a socialist health system?)
  7.  Hillary Says, she will restrict her husband from accepting big fee’s for speech’s paid for and on behalf of Foreign entities in return for government favors. (Sound like another Hillary Lie?)

Lets look deeper at HillaryIf you are for Big Government with a Spend and Borrow mentality that promises massive Job creation by repairing and renewal our infrastructure. Are prepared to burden the Hundreds of Billions it will cost above that which she will generate by increasing taxes on an already overburdened business community. These infrastructure jobs will only be available until the completion of the program. If you are for mass government funded immigration that will bring with it, increased crime and Government funded Benefits.  If you are for Gun Control Laws that will leave the average law abiding citizen unprotected and vulnerable you should vote for Hillary.

Donald Trump

  1. Never served in any government post.
  2. Real estate developer based out of New York.
  3. Advocates for stamping out illegal immigration.
  4. Wants extreme vetting of immigrants from state sponsored terrorist countries.
  5. Wants to regenerate African American communities with a total rebuilding from the ground upward.
  6. Wants more Police and boarder patrol to police broken communities and enforce Federal immigration laws.The peoples candidate says he is working for youHis system changing plans include lowering the corporation Taxes which impede growth enabling the free marketplace to thrive.  He promises that these cuts will stimulate growth, that growth will encourage investment and that will translate to massive job growth. Mr Trump professes to be running for The People and will endeavor to clean up the cesspit that is, Washington DC.  Although Mr Trump has no political experience, his business acumen is nothing less that exceptional and that he say’s is what will set these Great United States back on the road to prosperity.

    Stand Tall and Proud, Vote To Take Our Country Back

    If you love your country and want to play your part in taking it back from the political elite, VOTE TRUMP on November 8th 2016 to remind them The People Really Do rule!


Hillary Clinton, Unveiled

A serious plea to all Democrats

The Hillary Clinton Saga. Read and View Below and VOTE with YOUR CONSCIENCE in November

Hillary Clinton Anti-AmericanWhere to start? Hillary Clinton is the biggest single threat this country faces.  A career politician and confirmed liar, Corruption should be her middle name.  We have tried and tried, with countless brainstorming sessions and hours of research, and unfortunately we can find NOTHING good to say about her. We simply do not have the bandwidth to list all of her lies and deceits.  Take a look at the videos below for all the proof you need from her own mouth and other reputable sources.

Are Hillary Clinton Lies Truth or Fiction?

You, the voter, must decide that. With the vast media coverage of the Benghazi attack and her E-mail server, every American knows that she lies to and deceives both the public and government at every opportunity. The only possible reasons she is running for the office of the President of the United States is that she either knows something nobody else does, or she has found a way to RIG the election as she rigged the primary.  Every democratic voter casting his or her ballot in her favor will be responsible for the total devastation her presidency would bring. Our country has already suffered 8 years of embarrassment abroad during the Obama years. Please do not continue the humiliation for another 4.

Her Campaign has the nerve to look for skeletons in Donald Trump‘s closet!


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