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Sign The Clinton Investigation Petition

Trump Lied Clinton Will Not Go To JailTo the Tens of Millions of voters who voted to “Drain The Swamp” President elect Donald Trump is now backtracking on his campaign promise “I will Drain the Swamp, Believe Me!” It now seems very likely that the American People will not see justice handed out to the Swamps biggest predators The Clinton’s.

To ensure justice is done we HAVE to join together and let the future president know his credibility is on the line. Sign the petition today to Investigate the Clinton’s.

Petition To Investigate Clinton Foundation

President Elect Trump

I write this e-mail with a heavy heart. Supporting you throughout the mountainous climb to victory, On the 9th of November I felt a relief like I have never felt before, the air offered a freshness that only comes with true change.

Two weeks later and even before being sworn into office you are backtracking on one of your main campaign promises. You promised to drain the swamp and expose the predators that have been feeding lavishly on the back of the hard working Americans who put you into the position you find yourself today.
On a face to face debate you promised Hillary Clinton when elected you would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate The Clinton Foundation.

I and Millions of others demand a Special Prosecutor be assigned to investigate all aspects of both Hillary Clintons Server fiasco and The Clinton Foundation.

If you do not follow through on your promise and the words spoken directly to Hillary Clinton were no meant, This can only be seen as you selecting to SWIM IN THE SWAMP rather than DRAINING IT!

The American People DEMAND to see that justice is done!


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