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Petition to Stop Outsourcing, Bring Our Jobs Home

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It’s Time to Stop Outsourcing and Bring our Jobs Home.  Corporations are betraying the very people who Stop Outsourcing Bring Back American Jobs that have been Outsourcedpurchase their products and services. It seems they think it is acceptable to outsource American Jobs to fatten their purses. The time has come for The People fight back. EVERY Citizen and Legal Resident has a right to work. these people have been betrayed by the corporations for a buck.

Sign the petition below and Report Corporations who are outsourcing Here

The petition will be sent to every corporation who has been reported and proven to be outsourcing jobs that could be filled by American Workers.

It’s time to bring our jobs home
Sign the petition below!

We The People have the power, Let’s Use It!


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General Stop Outsourcing Petition

Outsourcing Petition

We the undersigned demand that (Name of Corporation) repatriate all jobs that can be filled by the American Labor Force. If (Name of Corporation) do not repatriate these jobs, we will seriously consider boycotting any product or Service your Corporation offers.


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As a combined force, the people have the power to force the corporations to bring our jobs home. As consumers you have the option of demonstrating with your buying power, if everyone boycotted corporations that outsourced and supported their competitors that employ home grown workers, how long do you think it would take to get the message across?

Help us by signing the General Outsourcing Petition. Let’s get the Country back to work.

The target set for our first year is 100,000 jobs repatriated. That is a enormous task but we believe with your help, WE CAN DO IT!


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