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The Democrats

Before Democrats reading this page exit in disgust, let it be known we are totally against any political party, See the Political Plan Here.

The Democratic party was founded in 1828, and since that time it has seen some significant changes. If John F Kennedy was in politics today, he would be considered right wing. The party is moving to the left at an alarming pace, and it is well know that Socialism is the modern version of Communism.

Sad Face of DemocratsFor the first time in their history, a candidate running for their nomination openly declared himself as a Socialist.  You have to give full kudos to Bernie Sanders, because he took on the Clinton machine and nearly won. That is until you discover that Clinton had already been chosen by the establishment, and that the people’s votes didn’t even count.

Without the superdelegate rigging by the Democratic hierarchy, he would have come so close to winning. 25 Years ago, Bernie would have been shunned by the electorate, but today he has a movement going on. The only problem we have with Bernie is him selling-out to the establishment at the convention.  Bernie ran on a giving campaign: You want, I give. He falsely portrayed himself as anti-establishment.  He promised his supporters that he would raise the minimum wage to $15, give more benefits and squash school fees. What he did was basically just tell people what they wanted to hear, without explaining how he intended to fund these far-too-expensive programs. Did he turn out to be the Anti-Establishment rebel he claimed he was?  NO. He sold out at the convention. Just another career politician; RIP Bernie.

It has been written that Liberalism is a mental disorder. We would not go as far as that but, there seems to be a trait that all liberals possess: The failure to foresee the consequences of their actions. For example:

  1. Would President Obama have pulled the troops out of Iraq if he knew that ISIS would move in and occupy large portions of the country?
  2. Would President Obama have Released Gitmo prisoners if he knew that they would commit other terrorist acts?
  3. Would Hillary Clinton Have refused to send military help to the US Embassy in Benghazi if she knew four Americans would later die, including the Ambassador?
  4. Would Hillary Clinton have lied to Congress if she knew she would get caught?

If the answer is “No” to the above, then two of the highest ranking Democrats have shown a distinct failure to foresee the consequences of their actions.

We do not want to believe this, but If the answer is “Yes,” then surely that could only be construed as nothing less than treasonous actions.

Whatever the answers to the above are, every Democratic voter is aware of the (let’s be nice here) “stupid mistakes” outlined above. With this in mind, why would any voter cast his or her ballot in favor of them? Maybe it’s because every Liberalized person is afflicted by the same trait that their leaders are?

The Democratic Policies

Anti-AmericanThe Democrats are for both illegal and mass refugee infiltration programs. Is this because they are super humanitarians? Unfortunately, no. Immigrants and refugees are predominantly Democratic voters. They see these programs as merely a way to ensure a future that will see every election as an easy win for any Democratic candidate.
Without Congress stopping them, millions of Mexican illegals would already be on the road to citizenship. Hillary wants to allow hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into the country. If you agree with this policy, maybe it would be a good idea to live in Germany who took in one million middle eastern refugees and  see how safe you are there before you vote.

Some Facts

Socialism cannot survive without the money from capitalists. Capitalism can survive quite nicely without socialism.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with Socialism is, sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”

The Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton has been labeled by the director of the FBI as a very careless public employee. She has been proven to be a liar by lying to congress while under oath (perjury). Is this the sort of person you want in charge of your country? (Read more on Hillary Unveiled)



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