The Republicans

The Republicans

Was the republicans George Bush Corrupt or just stupid?Where to start? The Republicans, otherwise known as the GOP, have just as many skeletons in their closet as the Democrats. It seems the vast majority of politicians, from both sides, have agendas other than the betterment of the country. Republicans like George Bush Jr are no exception. He escaped direct responsibility for dragging the US into the war with Iraq by just passing it off as bad intelligence. To date, no Weapons of Mass Destruction have ever been found in Iraq. As the President, he would have been informed not only if Saddam Hussein had WMDs, but also have known exactly where they were. So if that was only a smokescreen, what agenda did he have? What other agenda was worth the deaths of 9,123 Coalition combatants, of which 4,424 were from the US Military? Some would say it was for Iraq’s oil. History has shown that this was not the case, as the US gained no oil from the conflict. The Republicans at that time had a greedy Vice President who touted that he had severed all ties to Halliburton. This was a blatant lie, because he still retained  433,000 stock options along with an annual income of $150,000. When you realize that Cheney still had many ties with Halliburton, it becomes nothing less than criminal that Halliburton was given $39 billion in contracts during the Iraq war.

The Establishment

Mitt Romney is the epitome of everything that is wrong with US politics, being a steadfast establishment career politician. As with most politicians, when criminal charges are threatened, both sides collude to keep one of their own out of jail. If you watched the presidential debates with President Obama, it is clear that he threw the election. The same can be said about McCain, previously.
Romney is now aligned with the Never Trump campaign, which confirms he doesn’t give a hoot what the people want. All he cares about is protecting The Establishment and his share of the spoils.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz deserves NO mention anywhere. He is a career politician and has a slimy smirk which always comes with the nodding of his head, much like a dog on the backseat of a 1970s Sedan. Ted actually sulked like a child when we was beaten fair-and-square by Donald Trump. His non endorsement of Trump at the convention sealed his fate. The Trump people had reviewed his speech and knew that he was not going to endorse. This can be seen as nothing less than a stroke of genius! Not only did it give Cruz enough rope to hang himself, it showed Trump as a staunch supporter of freedom of speech.
RIP Ted Cruz, your political career is over.

Donald Trump

How can Mr Trump profess to be anti-establishment while also accepting the Republican establishment’s candidacy? Never underestimate Donald Trump; even without previous experience, he knew to surround himself with the best people. He funded his own primary campaign and is undoubtedly amongst the most patriotic people in the country. We have a good idea why he is running as a Republican. He has already stated that he would look to both sides of the isle when it comes to selecting the right person for the job. Trump is the first people’s man to run for either establishment. We are predicting a Trump landslide, one that will shake both political parties to their relative cores. Rock on Donald; The People are with you.

Our suggested plan for cleaning up politics.



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