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To the Tens of Millions of voters who voted to "Drain The Swamp" President elect Donald Trump is now backtracking on his campaign promise "I will Drain the Swamp, Believe Me!" It now seems very likely that the American People will not see justice handed out to the Swamps big

White Woman Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Guy

There is no defense for what you are about to see! This Woman MUST be charged with 2nd degree murder and be sent to prison for the rest pf her life.
Help to decide which candidate to choose. Trump or Hillary

Undecided Survey 2016 Presidential election Results

2645 Undecided Voters for the 2016 presidential election were asked whether they agreed, disagreed or had no opinion when confronted with 20 policy statements. Date of survey 9/1/2016 - 9/3/2016. Medium: Facebook. Each participant was restricted to one entry by way of restri

Europe Falling

As the Dust settles after the Brexit Vote which saw the British people take back their country a growing number of other E.U countries are considering their own membership of the EU.  So who wants In/out Vote? France In the wake of the terrorism, France's Mariane Le Pen

UK Germany War Looming

A Trade war between Germany and the UK is a distinct possibility as a result of the Brexit vote. The two heavyweights will go head to head in the negotiation of the UK's new trade agreements with the EU. Germany currently stand 4th with the UK at 5th in the world economy r

Peoples Champions

Worldwide Revolution

A worldwide revolution has begun as western world societies decline into a nervous state of unrest.  The revolution has at last begun to pick up pace. The choice of weapon in this people's revolution is the ballot box.  The first country to fall back into the hands of the

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