Are Clinton’s Above Law

It seems like the Clinton's are above the law.  Time and time again Hillary has been shown as committing offences but seems to escape prosecution by the skin of her teeth.  Democratic supporters seem to just brush off her blatant abuse of power saying "It's just the Republ
Gary Johnson on Tax Reform

Gary Johnson

The Libertarian Party are hoping the turmoil inside of both mainstream parties is going to reap rewards as steadfast supporters refuse to vote for their candidate. So for these people what are the choices? Libertarian Gary Johnson Drugs War The Federal gov

Not Sure which Candidate to Support?

Let us help you decide. Just approve or disapprove 20 statements and we will tell you which candidate supports a majority of your views. This Election is crucial to the future of the United States, every vote will count, DO NOT WASTE YOURS Presidential Candidate Mat

Trump Movement

Donald Trump has started a movement. The Republican Nominee like a vast majority or the American people are sick to death of the Political Elite and they are now running scared.  The proof of this is the refusing of career politicians to endorse Trump. Pence and Trump have

Hillary Clinton, Unveiled

A serious plea to all Democrats The Hillary Clinton Saga. Read and View Below and VOTE with YOUR CONSCIENCE in November Where to start? Hillary Clinton is the biggest single threat this country faces.  A career politician and confirmed liar, Corruption should be her

Donald Trump

Donald Trump in Trouble for Understanding Islamic Teachings Donald Trump cannot seem to win with the Media. Once again, mainstream media is spinning something Donald Trump said. During an interview with ABC,  Mr Trump was asked about the speech made by Khizr Khan. The R

State of the Nation

The people's perception of the State of the Nation depends on who you talk too; the nation could be considered to be in different states of degradation or growth. Not surprising, the ruling Democrats boast growth and low unemployment.  In his last State of the Union spee

USA Security

USA Security is a regular news topic. As more Americans become aware of worldwide terrorism and homegrown racial tensions running high, security is going to be at the forefront of the 2016 Presidential Election. Terrorism from homegrown citizens and the growing reality t

Economic Plan For US Survival

Proposed Economic Plan Before we reveal our Economic Plan to save America, you need to understand the problems we face. Manufacturing has and always will be the path to prosperity; without a growing manufacturing base, a country will plummet into recession. With the ris

The Democrats

Before Democrats reading this page exit in disgust, let it be known we are totally against any political party, See the Political Plan Here. The Democratic party was founded in 1828, and since that time it has seen some significant changes. If John F Kennedy was in poli

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