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To the Tens of Millions of voters who voted to "Drain The Swamp" President elect Donald Trump is now backtracking on his campaign promise "I will Drain the Swamp, Believe Me!" It now seems very likely that the American People will not see justice handed out to the Swamps big

USA’s Reckoning Day

The 8th Day of November 2016 will go down in history as The U.S.A's reckoning Day. NOTHING IN THE GOOD OLD USA WILL REMAIN THE SAME. There are so many pointers that this day will shape the Future of these great United States. Not since (Read More)  the election of 1860 in
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Undecided Survey 2016 Presidential election Results

2645 Undecided Voters for the 2016 presidential election were asked whether they agreed, disagreed or had no opinion when confronted with 20 policy statements. Date of survey 9/1/2016 - 9/3/2016. Medium: Facebook. Each participant was restricted to one entry by way of restri

The US Faces its D-Day

The US faces its D-day on November 8th 2016. This date will go down in history as the day the American people were faced with the most important decision in its 240 years of existence.  Way back in 1776 the American people took their country back from oppressive British R

Are Clinton’s Above Law

It seems like the Clinton's are above the law.  Time and time again Hillary has been shown as committing offences but seems to escape prosecution by the skin of her teeth.  Democratic supporters seem to just brush off her blatant abuse of power saying "It's just the Republ

Hillary Clinton, Unveiled

A serious plea to all Democrats The Hillary Clinton Saga. Read and View Below and VOTE with YOUR CONSCIENCE in November Where to start? Hillary Clinton is the biggest single threat this country faces.  A career politician and confirmed liar, Corruption should be her

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