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Petition to Stop Outsourcing, Bring Our Jobs Home

Sign The Petition! It's Time to Stop Outsourcing and Bring our Jobs Home.  Corporations are betraying the very people who purchase their products and services. It seems they think it is acceptable to outsource American Jobs to fatten their purses. The time has come for T

America Reborn

The memory of the morning of the 9th November 2016 is burnt into my head as a new beginning, a fresh start for the country I so dearly love. The air seemed to have a freshness that only comes with real change. I sat on my porch and contemplated what the much brighter futur
Help to decide which candidate to choose. Trump or Hillary

Undecided Survey 2016 Presidential election Results

2645 Undecided Voters for the 2016 presidential election were asked whether they agreed, disagreed or had no opinion when confronted with 20 policy statements. Date of survey 9/1/2016 - 9/3/2016. Medium: Facebook. Each participant was restricted to one entry by way of restri

Election Fraud Alert

It is widely accepted that this coming election will shape the United States for many years to come. The presidential election is of special interest as the winning candidate will be able to appoint like minded Supreme Court Justices. At the present time the balance in the

Meet The Real Donald Trump

Trump, what is the man all about? What about the claims of the Democrats? Here you will find content that is dated and new. Now the Democrat mud slinging has been dealt with, what about the real Donald Trump. Here is a video of a young Dona

Trumps Secret 3 Point Plan for Victory

Donald Trump will probably win the November election by a large number of percentage points. Why would we make such an outlandish prophecy when Trump is being trounced by Clinton in the polls?  Firstly the polls are paid for by Liberal news agencies, now we are not saying t

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