Are Clinton’s Above Law

Are Clinton’s Above Law

It seems like the Clinton’s are above the law.  Time and time again Hillary has been shown as committing offences but seems to escape prosecution by the skin of her teeth.  Democratic supporters seem to just brush off her blatant abuse of power saying “It’s just the Republican’s lying again”  WAKE UP!  Hillary Clinton is and only every has been in politics for Hillary Clinton.  The list below shows she can be no friend of The People as a Serial Lawbreaker.

The only reason Hillary is the Nominee is in itself corrupt as the DNC clearly rigged the system against Bernie Saunders.


E-Mails Result
The Hillary e-mail scandal continues as more are released daily. She LIED to Congress which was confirmed by the Director of the FBI, this is a Felony Punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment. Clinton Escapology Again!  PROVEN!
Pay For Play
Bill Clinton received upwards of $700,000 for speaking at events where there was a strong link to State Department Requests While Hillary was serving as Secretary of State  Under Investigation!
Blamed Video when she knew it was a terrorist attack. Told military to stand down. Four Americans Die. Lied to Congressional Inquiry punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment.  PROVEN!
Arms for Terrorists                         Proof Promised by Julian Assange
Weapons Flow into Syria, pushed by Hillary Clinton into jihadist possession.
Wikileaks E-mail to be released.
 Awaiting E-mail

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