About Us

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About Us

Welcome to The People Rule, a portal for true Democracy. We could no longer sit back idly, watching the decline of our societies. The People Rule is a nonprofit project, where freedom of speech is only restricted by legalities. The only thing PC stands for on this site is Personal Computer.

Our Mission

Our mission is a very simple one: to allow free speech to anyone and everyone, regardless of subject or belief.
As with everything, rules will have to be obeyed (see Site Rules).

We cannot truly be for the People if we did not tackle important issues. We will analyze all political parties and movements, while being totally unbiased towards political ideologies. Racism will never raise its ugly head on this site. All Religions and beliefs will be respected. We are 100% gender-neutral.

Why We Were Needed

The so-called “free world” is not as free as they would have you believe. The modern world sees true democracy in a steep decline. In its truest form, populations vote for representatives who have promised during campaigning to work towards certain goals. All democratic societies are built on the foundation of freedom for all. Today’s reality is far from that core. The political class has long since departed from reality. Day by day, freedoms are stripped by world governments in what can only be seen as an attempt to make populations more dependent on government support and therefore be more easily controlled.

The worst-kept secret on the planet is the long-term goal of the world government. We would support a world government if they could achieve a 51% legitimate worldwide majority via the ballot polls.

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