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White Woman Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Guy

There is no defense for what you are about to see!
This Woman MUST be charged with 2nd degree murder and be sent to prison for the rest pf her life.

Help to decide which candidate to choose. Trump or Hillary

Undecided Survey 2016 Presidential election Results

2645 Undecided Voters for the 2016 presidential election were asked whether they agreed, disagreed or had no opinion when confronted with 20 policy statements. Date of survey 9/1/2016 – 9/3/2016. Medium: Facebook. Each participant was restricted to one entry by way of restricting both IP address and Device number.


  Question Agree Disagree No Opinion
1 Abortion on demand is Every woman’s right 33% 58% 9%
2 We Need Legislation to Require companies to hire more women and minorities 27% 62% 11%
3 Laws are required to protect Sexual orientation civil rights 44% 44% 12%
4 No Family Values should be taught in schools 21% 70% 9%
5 Whether to keep or abolish The Death Penalty Should be decided by individual states. 74% 19% 7%
6 Stricter laws should be imposed on political campaign funds 86% 8% 6%
7 Three Strikes sentencing laws should be mandatory 60% 29% 11%
8 Parents should be able to choose which school their children attend by a voucher system 59% 28% 13%
9 We should Replace coal & oil with alternatives. 42% 51% 7%
10 Drug use is not immoral and we should relax drug laws. 40% 54% 6%
11 There should be total separation of church and state. 59% 34% 7%
12 The IRS should be abolished and a Flat Tax imposed. 71% 21% 7%
13 Social Security should be Privatized 54% 38% 8%
14 The Economy is heading in the right direction. 29% 66% 5%
15 We Should Expand our Free Trade Agreements. 26% 60% 14%
16 Defense Spending should be increased. 56% 10% 34%
17 Trans Gender individuals should be able to use bathroom of their choice. 25% 66% 9%
18 The US should make National Service in the Military Mandatory. 53% 35% 11%
19 Syrian Refugee’s should be allowed into the US 30% 63% 7%
20 We should implement Open Borders and allow freedom to cross at will. 39% 59% 2%

More survey’s to come.

Election Fraud Alert

It is widely accepted that this coming election will shape the United States for many years to come. The presidential election is of special interest as the winning candidate will be able to appoint like minded Supreme Court Justices. At the present time the balance in the court is even and that can only be good for US face d-daythe country as a whole.  With administrations taking less notice of the restraints our founding fathers put on government, the balance of the supreme court is crucial to each of the main parties.

Election Fraud has been going on in the US for many years. The current President gained 100% of the vote in 59 districts in Philadelphia in 2012. Although not a mathematical impossibility, it would seem very unlikely that not one vote was cast for Mitt Romney in those 59 districts. In Another district he received over 100% of the vote, now that is an impossibility!

Fraud  and Electronic Voting systems.

Electronic systems of any sort are susceptible to manipulation via code. The most popular system used for electronic voting in the US is the Gem System. The Gem system is open to very sophisticated software manipulation like, the ability to select the winner and margin of that win prior to any vote being cast. To make things worse the only way to detect such manipulation is to search the source code during voting, something that usually never happens. Once the result has been declared the system wipes any changes and reverts back to its pre-manipulated state.

Election regulators should be forced to copy source codes of these machines before, during and at the end of voting. This is the only way we can be sure of a clean vote. It is usual that a states machines are all linked together via a network and as long as the machines are linked, every machine is vulnerable

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