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State of the Nation

The State of the nation littered with Unemployment LiesThe people’s perception of the State of the Nation depends on who you talk too; the nation could be considered to be in different states of degradation or growth. Not surprising, the ruling Democrats boast growth and low unemployment.  In his last State of the Union speech, the President claimed that his administration had created 14 million jobs during his term.  Is this true?  NO. The facts show he has created only 9.3 million jobs. But how many have been lost during his term? Whatever figures they tout to an uneducated population are meaningless. Let me explain why the figures are rigged and give you a false perception of the State of the Nation.

Sooner or later, the American population will discover that it is theoretically possible for the USA to have a zero rate of unemployment while, at the same time, having zero people employed in the labor force.  The reason for this disquieting statement involves how this and previous governments measures unemployment.  To be classified as unemployed, one must be looking for work.  Able-bodied Americans who become disenchanted and stop looking for work are counted as voluntarily departing the workforce. They are then counted in a whole different category called Not-In-Labor. This has allowed past and current administrations to falsely indicate that the unemployment rate was improving. This is misleading at best and downright rigged at worst!

True Unemployment

45% unemployed That is the Real State of the NationThe best way to calculate unemployment would be to add the Unemployed and Not-In-Labor categories to get the real figure of who is not working. Those physically unable to work and retirees are not counted. This will then give us an estimate that can be compared month by month.

So using this formula, what is Obama’s real unemployment number?

There are 319 million people living in the USA, of which 64 million are physically unable to work or retirees. This leaves 255 million; 45 million of whom are children under working age, so we will deduct them. This leaves a possible workforce of 210 Million.  95 million do not work, and there are 115 million working. So the true unemployment rate is 45.23% or 45 people out of every 100. That is unacceptable!

Why Are Unemployment Rates So High

With rates that high, how are the 45% living?
5% are claiming unemployment. The other 40% include a growing number of couch-dwellers who watch daytime TV and have no ambition to better themselves by working. Why has this number grown so much?
A vast majority of these people are uneducated and, even if they had the inclination to work and support themselves, instead are living on handouts. Illegals are snapping up as many of the minimum wage jobs they can, half the time with fake IDs. Couple this with statements by Hillary Clinton like, “You get more bang for the taxpayers’ buck on food stamps,” couch dwellers have little incentive or encouragement to work. At some point, the benefit system will have to be overhauled, and the only time you can do this is when jobs are plentiful, which will only happen if we restore our manufacturing base.


The Administration and opposition will use every method to spin statistics in their favor. So who do you believe? Let’s look at the Manufacturing Base. Everyone would agree that more manufacturing will create badly needed jobs. The 2015 trade deficit with China is running at just under $366 billion. Let’s write that out so you can visualize the scope of this problem: $366, 000, 000, 000. We imported $481.9 billion, yet we exported a mere $116.2 billion to China.

The USA owes China $1.3 trillion. The US, being the world’s largest economy, are China’s largest customer, so China cannot afford to lose our business. With China having its own economic problems, NOW is the time to re-negotiate our trade agreements. (Read our plan for the economy.)

The True State of the Nation

It is dismal. Using the true figures, it really is bad! The only way forward is to make sweeping changes, changes that will be painful at first but well worth it in the long haul.

USA Security

USA Security is a regular news topic. As more Americans become aware of worldwide terrorism and homegrown racial tensions running high, security is going to be at the forefront of the 2016 Presidential Election.

Terrorism from homegrown citizens and the growing reality that ISIS fighters are infiltrating refugee programs, means a clamp down on security, internally and overseas, is necessary to ensure the American Citizens’ safety.  The year so far has seen far too many attacks by Islamist terrorists, most of whom are part of or have pledged allegiance to ISIS. Listed below are the to-date 2016 attacks:

  1. January 7th; Philadelphia; Shooting; ISIS; Police Officer.
  2. February 11th; Ohio;  Machete; Islamist;  4 Injured.
  3. June 12th; Florida;  Shooting; ISIS; 49 Dead, 53 Injured

US home grown Terrorist threaten USA SecurityThe above is UNACCEPTABLE! The frightening thing is that unfortunately, this is just the beginning. The Democrats are trying to bring in hundreds of thousands more refugees from Islamic countries. How many of those so-called refugees are ISIS fighters?  Donald Trump has indicated that he moreso favors setting up safe zones in their originating countries. This option would substantially dilute the risk of more attacks by Islamists in the US.  Using social media to arrange attacks and recruit, Islamist Terrorism poses the greatest threat to American Security.

Boys in Blue

This is a very complex issue as racism is at its core. Without all of the facts behind the police shootings and the revenge shooting of police officers it is impossible to analyse the topic in an unbiased way. All we can say is, We have a MAJOR problem and one that could quickly escalate out of control. One thing is for sure, if the video evidence is conclusive, the police officers involved in the Alton Stirling and Philando Castille shootings MUST be sentenced to Life Imprisonment at the least. The UNLAWFUL killing of citizens by the Police is UNACCEPTABLE. In similar regard, the ambushing and shooting of police officers is also UNACCEPTABLE. ALL LIVES MATTER!

(Looking for your input here)

Economic Plan For US Survival

Proposed Economic Plan

Before we reveal our Economic Plan to save America, you need to understand the problems we face. Manufacturing has and always will be the path to prosperity; without a growing manufacturing base, a country will plummet into recession. With the rise of China as the world store, Western countries have diversified into service-based industries. The problem with a service-based economy is that it is always the first to be affected by and last to recover from any economic downturn. So although very valuable, this plan uses the service industry as icing on the cake.

The Wall

Every single American, whether in denial or not, knows the devastating effect illegal immigrants are having on both the local and national economy. Unskilled jobs are being filled with illegals rather than Americans. Donald Trump has promised a wall to stop illegals from crossing the borders. As one of the world’s greatest developers, Mr trump is well qualified to build a wall.  The upside for the country would be reduced crime rates, more jobs, less stress on healthcare resources as well as making it much harder for cartels to transport drugs across the border. What about the downside? Uhm… Erm…we cannot come up with a single one. (Looking for your input here)

The Economic Plan Revealed

Here’s a novel idea: what if we had another trillion-dollar loan? The only difference, this one would not be wasted. The money would be used to fund this economic plan which, in turn, would lead to mass job creation. The federal government would make a compulsory purchase of a 1-mile-wide strip along the border. We’d build not only one wall, but two and put a roof on top. Why, you ask? What will this gigantic building be used for? Maybe as a transit station for the 20 million illegals already here? No,  read on. We are going to get them to leave by choice.

The Complex

The economic plan, The Industrial ComplexWe’ll build the largest industrial complex the world has ever seen. The Federal Government will then sell or lease the units to AMERICAN companies to produce items that we currently import from China.  The sale would be via a interest-free loan repayable over 30 years. Jobs in the complex will be allocated as follows: American workers would always get first choice. Next in line would be Mexican workers on daily, weekly or monthly complex-only visa’s.  The Mexican jobs would first be offered to illegals residing in the US, if and only if they return home to Mexico. The Complex starts where the border reaches the ocean in Texas. Here, we build the world’s largest port to enable us to export our products worldwide. This plan can be implemented in phases as the Complex grows. 

What is the ROI on this plan?
Immediate boost to the economy with thousands of construction jobs. In the long term, this will take care of the illegal problem as NO illegal would ever be able to use the excuse of “just looking for work” again. Any illegal on this side of the Complex would be construed as being up to no good and would be dealt with accordingly by the courts.
Manufacturing would slowly return to our shores, allowing us to achieve a higher growth rate. We would turn the tables on China; they could never compete with the quality that American-made products offer. The environment would benefit, as countless container ships would not be needed for the long voyages from China to the US. The cartels would find it extremely difficult to import drugs past security at the complex. The downside? In the short term, we would have another trillion dollars of debt, but that would soon be recouped by taxation (read on).  Product prices would be higher, as our labor laws are far more stringent than those of China. This is dealt with below. In the long-term there are NO downsides!

The Economics of the Plan

Our capitalist system dictates that it is a sink-or-swim system. Products compete in price and quality. Products manufactured in the Complex would have to be priced competitively with Chinese imports. The saving on shipping would not be enough for parity. Overcoming this problem requires our current trade agreements to be re-negotiated. The 2015 trade deficit between China and the US stood at:

This is alarming, to say the least. Any trade agreement should be in parity. If we export $1 to china, they can export $1 in return. In parity, there should be no tariffs.  Perfect world, right?  The problem is the disparity. China exported $481 billion to the US in 2015. In return, we exported $118 billion of products and services to China. The imbalance is the $365 billion figure you see above.

To combat this, the new trade agreement should be calculated in a way that penalizes any imbalance, both ways. You first have to convert the imbalance to a percentage. The above figures converted reveal that compared to 100% of Chinese imports, we exported 26% of that amount to them. So we have an imbalance of 74%. We then take that figure and divide it by 3:  74%/3= 26.6%. That would be the import tariff charged on imports from China the following year.  As a further example, if we exported 50% of the goods to China as they exported to us, the calculation for import tariff the following year would be as follows:  50%/3 = 16.6%, and so on.  The government income from such a trade deal in 2016 would have reaped $125.6 billion in the taxation of Chinese imports.

The same deal should be used for EVERY country that the US has a trade deficit with, including Mexico. Maybe import tariffs from Mexico would encourage manufacturers like Carrier to return home. Using the same formula as above, the tariff this year imposed on Mexican imports would be 6.6% This would convert to a taxation income of $19.56 billion. The import taxation from these two countries alone in one year reaps $145.1 billion. This is over 1/7th the cost of our Complex in a single year, and we haven’t even manufactured anything yet!

The above trade agreements would allow our products to compete on a price parity and allow us to gain business through quality.

This is just a mere draft, but our economic plan is sound and makes economic sense. What we now need is your help in tweaking it, or maybe you have your own plan to help Make America Great Again.  Join as a contributor and submit ideas. Comments can be left below.

The Democrats

Before Democrats reading this page exit in disgust, let it be known we are totally against any political party, See the Political Plan Here.

The Democratic party was founded in 1828, and since that time it has seen some significant changes. If John F Kennedy was in politics today, he would be considered right wing. The party is moving to the left at an alarming pace, and it is well know that Socialism is the modern version of Communism.

Sad Face of DemocratsFor the first time in their history, a candidate running for their nomination openly declared himself as a Socialist.  You have to give full kudos to Bernie Sanders, because he took on the Clinton machine and nearly won. That is until you discover that Clinton had already been chosen by the establishment, and that the people’s votes didn’t even count.

Without the superdelegate rigging by the Democratic hierarchy, he would have come so close to winning. 25 Years ago, Bernie would have been shunned by the electorate, but today he has a movement going on. The only problem we have with Bernie is him selling-out to the establishment at the convention.  Bernie ran on a giving campaign: You want, I give. He falsely portrayed himself as anti-establishment.  He promised his supporters that he would raise the minimum wage to $15, give more benefits and squash school fees. What he did was basically just tell people what they wanted to hear, without explaining how he intended to fund these far-too-expensive programs. Did he turn out to be the Anti-Establishment rebel he claimed he was?  NO. He sold out at the convention. Just another career politician; RIP Bernie.

It has been written that Liberalism is a mental disorder. We would not go as far as that but, there seems to be a trait that all liberals possess: The failure to foresee the consequences of their actions. For example:

  1. Would President Obama have pulled the troops out of Iraq if he knew that ISIS would move in and occupy large portions of the country?
  2. Would President Obama have Released Gitmo prisoners if he knew that they would commit other terrorist acts?
  3. Would Hillary Clinton Have refused to send military help to the US Embassy in Benghazi if she knew four Americans would later die, including the Ambassador?
  4. Would Hillary Clinton have lied to Congress if she knew she would get caught?

If the answer is “No” to the above, then two of the highest ranking Democrats have shown a distinct failure to foresee the consequences of their actions.

We do not want to believe this, but If the answer is “Yes,” then surely that could only be construed as nothing less than treasonous actions.

Whatever the answers to the above are, every Democratic voter is aware of the (let’s be nice here) “stupid mistakes” outlined above. With this in mind, why would any voter cast his or her ballot in favor of them? Maybe it’s because every Liberalized person is afflicted by the same trait that their leaders are?

The Democratic Policies

Anti-AmericanThe Democrats are for both illegal and mass refugee infiltration programs. Is this because they are super humanitarians? Unfortunately, no. Immigrants and refugees are predominantly Democratic voters. They see these programs as merely a way to ensure a future that will see every election as an easy win for any Democratic candidate.
Without Congress stopping them, millions of Mexican illegals would already be on the road to citizenship. Hillary wants to allow hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into the country. If you agree with this policy, maybe it would be a good idea to live in Germany who took in one million middle eastern refugees and  see how safe you are there before you vote.

Some Facts

Socialism cannot survive without the money from capitalists. Capitalism can survive quite nicely without socialism.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with Socialism is, sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”

The Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton has been labeled by the director of the FBI as a very careless public employee. She has been proven to be a liar by lying to congress while under oath (perjury). Is this the sort of person you want in charge of your country? (Read more on Hillary Unveiled)


The Republicans

Was the republicans George Bush Corrupt or just stupid?Where to start? The Republicans, otherwise known as the GOP, have just as many skeletons in their closet as the Democrats. It seems the vast majority of politicians, from both sides, have agendas other than the betterment of the country. Republicans like George Bush Jr are no exception. He escaped direct responsibility for dragging the US into the war with Iraq by just passing it off as bad intelligence. To date, no Weapons of Mass Destruction have ever been found in Iraq. As the President, he would have been informed not only if Saddam Hussein had WMDs, but also have known exactly where they were. So if that was only a smokescreen, what agenda did he have? What other agenda was worth the deaths of 9,123 Coalition combatants, of which 4,424 were from the US Military? Some would say it was for Iraq’s oil. History has shown that this was not the case, as the US gained no oil from the conflict. The Republicans at that time had a greedy Vice President who touted that he had severed all ties to Halliburton. This was a blatant lie, because he still retained  433,000 stock options along with an annual income of $150,000. When you realize that Cheney still had many ties with Halliburton, it becomes nothing less than criminal that Halliburton was given $39 billion in contracts during the Iraq war.

The Establishment

Mitt Romney is the epitome of everything that is wrong with US politics, being a steadfast establishment career politician. As with most politicians, when criminal charges are threatened, both sides collude to keep one of their own out of jail. If you watched the presidential debates with President Obama, it is clear that he threw the election. The same can be said about McCain, previously.
Romney is now aligned with the Never Trump campaign, which confirms he doesn’t give a hoot what the people want. All he cares about is protecting The Establishment and his share of the spoils.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz deserves NO mention anywhere. He is a career politician and has a slimy smirk which always comes with the nodding of his head, much like a dog on the backseat of a 1970s Sedan. Ted actually sulked like a child when we was beaten fair-and-square by Donald Trump. His non endorsement of Trump at the convention sealed his fate. The Trump people had reviewed his speech and knew that he was not going to endorse. This can be seen as nothing less than a stroke of genius! Not only did it give Cruz enough rope to hang himself, it showed Trump as a staunch supporter of freedom of speech.
RIP Ted Cruz, your political career is over.

Donald Trump

How can Mr Trump profess to be anti-establishment while also accepting the Republican establishment’s candidacy? Never underestimate Donald Trump; even without previous experience, he knew to surround himself with the best people. He funded his own primary campaign and is undoubtedly amongst the most patriotic people in the country. We have a good idea why he is running as a Republican. He has already stated that he would look to both sides of the isle when it comes to selecting the right person for the job. Trump is the first people’s man to run for either establishment. We are predicting a Trump landslide, one that will shake both political parties to their relative cores. Rock on Donald; The People are with you.

Our suggested plan for cleaning up politics.


The Political Reform Proposal

Political Reform is well overdueThe US political system has been seen as the root of a vast majority of the country’s problems. Politicians are known to commonly say one thing during campaigning and do something completely different once elected.  Most have their own personal agendas and are open to all sorts of bribery. Many of large corporations have their own pet politician in their pocket.  It is widely agreed by everyone outside of the system that it needs overhauling. Washington is for sale, always has been and always will be unless action is taken.

The Political Reform Proposal

Both mainstream parties are corrupt to the core, the Democrats rigged their own Primary and the Republicans only buckled to Trump when he reached the magic number.  The only way to clean up Washington is to attack its source and that means going after the parties themselves. We put forward that ALL political parties should be outlawed. Every candidate should be independent. Conservatives, Socialists, Greens etc…all would run and be elected on their own merit. We can hear you laughing now and maybe even shouting “That will never work.” Please be patient and let us explain.


A federal law will be enacted to force TV and radio broadcasts to allot equal free primetime space to all candidates on the ballot poll for the areas served, regardless of platform.
Every prospective Candidate running for a federal office (the States can sort themselves out), being an independent, must first obtain supporting signatures of 3% of the citizens residing in the area they are contesting.  A federal website will be set up to achieve signatures electronically. Each candidate will be asked to list five things they promise to work toward if elected, which will be visible for public viewing.  Signers will have to be verified through his or her Social Security number to assure the validity of the vote. Any help achieving the signatures must be on a volunteer basis only, Payments or gifts to volunteer’s would be a federal offence.
All prospective candidates achieving the 3% would progress to the Primary stage running against each other.  The TWO candidates receiving the most primary votes would then be issued a ballot application form.

Ballot Entry and Funding

The Ballot entry application will require them to prove eligibility with their Birth Certificate. If any candidate fails to furnish a valid Birth Certificate, they will be disqualified and the candidate with the next highest primary votes will replace them.
Once qualified, they will be given access to their federally-funded campaign account which will be funded as follows: Congress – $1,000,000; Senate – $5,000,000; and President – $50,000,000. Though small compared to the funds used today, the free airtime will allow each candidate equal opportunity to get their word out. All money will have to be accounted for and any balance forfeited after the election. If we calculate 2 candidates for each elected post. The cost to the government for each electoral cycle would be as follows: Congress – 435 x 2 x $1 million = $870 Million;  Senate – 100 x 2 x $5 Million = $1 Billion; President 1 x 2 x $50 million = $100 Million. The total cost of each electoral cycle would be $1.97 billion, a small price to pay for a clean government.


Lobbying for monetary gain would be made illegal, punishable by fines of up to $10 million or 10 years imprisonment. Severe? Yes, but if we do nothing to stop corporations from buying politicians, we are sunk! A new government department will be set up to allow lobbying via application. Applications will be forwarded to local representatives for local issues and to general for national matters.

Political Pork

The practice of adding small lucrative bills with major bills will END! Bills over $100 million will be heard and passed individually. Every bill under $100 million will be bundled by topic to the $100 million threshold.


ALL federal elected representatives will be subject to term limits as follows: President, 2 terms (no change); Senate, 1 term of 6 years. House of Representatives, 2 terms of 2 years.

Retirement Income

A political career is currently very lucrative. Serve one term in the Senate and you are paid a pension for life. Serve 3 terms in the House and the same applies. The president only needs to serve one term to qualify. This is outrageously expensive and has to be reformed. For this reason, our political reform plan includes a overhaul of these payments.
Because the proposed term limits take away career politicians, pensions should not be needed. We do, however, understand that serving your country creates upheaval in lives. Therefore, pensions would not be totally abolished. Each serving representative will receive an income equal to what was earned while serving. This will be spread over and equal to the time spent in office, making the transition back to public life easier.

The only way a plan like this would have any chance at all is if more and more Independents are elected and even then, would they vote to shorten their political career? Probably not!

We never said cleaning up Washington would be cheap, but the return on investment is the knowledge of knowing  that EVERY representative is both clean and serving their country for the right reasons.

As usual, your input is desired.

Peoples Champions

Worldwide Revolution

A worldwide revolution has begun as western world societies decline into a nervous state of unrest.  The revolution has at last begun to pick up pace. The choice of weapon in this people’s revolution is the ballot box.  The first country to fall back into the hands of the people was the United Kingdom. The British people won what can only be called a momentous victory against the ruling class.

Brexits People PowerBy a large majority, the British people voted to leave the European Union after years of mass immigration, both legal and illegal, oppressive governing from the European Parliament and the sense that their sovereignty was being stripped away from them.
The People of the UK joined forces behind UKIP (The UK Independence Party). They did this, not because they wanted the UKIP to rule the country, but only because their leader Nigel Farage headed the Vote to Leave campaign.

On June 23rd, 2016 the People delivered a loud and clear message to the ruling classes. The British people had finally reached their breaking point.

During the sometimes vicious campaign, the serving UK prime minister, David Cameron, embarked on what can only be described as blatant scaremongering.  The ruling class warned that chaos would ensue and a vote for leaving would be the ruin of the British economy.  Both the political class and big money men assumed that they would win the vote and it would be business as usual as soon as it was over. What they had not factored in was the resolute determination of the UK people to put their country first, something the political class had long since ceased to do.

Now that the dust has settled, the economy looks like it could be heading toward a minor recession. This small blip was to be expected, as economic plans for a leave vote were never pre-planned by the ruling Conservative party. Businesses are hoarding money rather than spending it. No one can blame them for that, as it is good business practice. As of yet, the terms of the UK exit have not yet been negotiated. Maybe the UK Government could borrow Donald Trump to negotiate new trade agreements for them.

What if the UK Economy Really tanks?

We put this question to an extremely intelligent Englishman and after careful thought he replied, “You should understand this; it doesn’t matter how bad the economy gets, we will once again be controlling our own destiny.” The British people are both resourceful and extremely patriotic, things they are not willing to trade for a few extra pounds.”

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Which Country Will Be Next

That is a very good question and one that cannot be answered with certainty. France, Germany, Spain, Italy, or the US?
Let’s assume that there are no more major terrorist attacks by so called refugees. If this is the case, then we would select the US as the next country to fall back under the people’s control.
On June 6th, 2015, a very successful businessman, Donald J Trump, declared that he was going to run for the office of President. Mr Trump’s declaration was taken as nothing more than a comical joke by career politicians commenting, “This must be some sort of joke.” and “There is no way his campaign will survive the duration.” Once again, the politicians show they are far detached from the people’s views and mood.
The People of the US are just as disgruntled with the direction ivory tower political institutions are taking their country, as are many other western nations.

As the primary season progressed, Mr Trump continued to gain momentum, winning the popular vote in a majority of states. The once-jesting political establishments’ laughs had now turned to gasps, as each electoral result was announced.  In an attempt to thwart the Trump campaign, a number of career politicians joined forces with a group of extremely rich businessmen to form the Never Trump Campaign. In a last ditch effort to control who would be the Republican candidate, the Never Trump brigade spent a staggering amount of money on a negative campaign, sighting Mr Trump’s past business dealings. Did the people listen? Yes they did. Did they stop supporting Trump? NO.

The message to the ruling class is clear: NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS!  Donald Trump has promised to fight with the people for the people; we can ask for no more.

The Primary Result
Donald J Trump was officially announced as the Republican Candidate for the presidential election for November 2016.

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