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Petition to Stop Outsourcing, Bring Our Jobs Home

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It’s Time to Stop Outsourcing and Bring our Jobs Home.  Corporations are betraying the very people who Stop Outsourcing Bring Back American Jobs that have been Outsourcedpurchase their products and services. It seems they think it is acceptable to outsource American Jobs to fatten their purses. The time has come for The People fight back. EVERY Citizen and Legal Resident has a right to work. these people have been betrayed by the corporations for a buck.

Sign the petition below and Report Corporations who are outsourcing Here

The petition will be sent to every corporation who has been reported and proven to be outsourcing jobs that could be filled by American Workers.

It’s time to bring our jobs home
Sign the petition below!

We The People have the power, Let’s Use It!


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General Stop Outsourcing Petition

Outsourcing Petition

We the undersigned demand that (Name of Corporation) repatriate all jobs that can be filled by the American Labor Force. If (Name of Corporation) do not repatriate these jobs, we will seriously consider boycotting any product or Service your Corporation offers.


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As a combined force, the people have the power to force the corporations to bring our jobs home. As consumers you have the option of demonstrating with your buying power, if everyone boycotted corporations that outsourced and supported their competitors that employ home grown workers, how long do you think it would take to get the message across?

Help us by signing the General Outsourcing Petition. Let’s get the Country back to work.

The target set for our first year is 100,000 jobs repatriated. That is a enormous task but we believe with your help, WE CAN DO IT!


Sign The Clinton Investigation Petition

Trump Lied Clinton Will Not Go To JailTo the Tens of Millions of voters who voted to “Drain The Swamp” President elect Donald Trump is now backtracking on his campaign promise “I will Drain the Swamp, Believe Me!” It now seems very likely that the American People will not see justice handed out to the Swamps biggest predators The Clinton’s.

To ensure justice is done we HAVE to join together and let the future president know his credibility is on the line. Sign the petition today to Investigate the Clinton’s.

Petition To Investigate Clinton Foundation

President Elect Trump

I write this e-mail with a heavy heart. Supporting you throughout the mountainous climb to victory, On the 9th of November I felt a relief like I have never felt before, the air offered a freshness that only comes with true change.

Two weeks later and even before being sworn into office you are backtracking on one of your main campaign promises. You promised to drain the swamp and expose the predators that have been feeding lavishly on the back of the hard working Americans who put you into the position you find yourself today.
On a face to face debate you promised Hillary Clinton when elected you would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate The Clinton Foundation.

I and Millions of others demand a Special Prosecutor be assigned to investigate all aspects of both Hillary Clintons Server fiasco and The Clinton Foundation.

If you do not follow through on your promise and the words spoken directly to Hillary Clinton were no meant, This can only be seen as you selecting to SWIM IN THE SWAMP rather than DRAINING IT!

The American People DEMAND to see that justice is done!


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America Reborn

Trump The Peoples ChampionThe memory of the morning of the 9th November 2016 is burnt into my head as a new beginning, a fresh start for the country I so dearly love. The air seemed to have a freshness that only comes with real change. I sat on my porch and contemplated what the much brighter future would hold for me. My beloved America had faced its reckoning day and sanity had prevailed, tyranny had been resoundingly defeated without a shot being fired.


Had it not been for the corruption this election could have had a much more costly outcome. The moron’s demonstrating across the nation are the same morons whoSad Face of Communistic Democrats believed Bernie Sanders when he promised them the earth in the communistic society he would have created. That is to say nothing of the $600k cash Bernie paid for his new home. Sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like your Savior was brought and paid for. The truth is NOTHING is FREE in this world and the USA offers the most opportunities to those who are prepared to work hard for their dreams.
Had Bernie Sanders won, you would not have seen demonstrations on the streets, you would be witnessing the break-up of the Union. The problem is, 50% of the people want to move towards a communistic system while the other 50% want to consolidate this nation as a capitalistic society. The is no pain free solution to this divide.

America, The Lost Values

Minorities are and should be obsolete, why should the color of your skin or your sexual preference make any difference to your identity? Every Citizen of this great nation is first and foremost an AMERICAN! African American, Mexican American, or any other race identifier before American is  not only factually wrong unless you were actually born in the preceding country, it is a divider and as such is racist in itself.
People of Color using African or citizens using Hispanic, Italian, Russian etc, as an identifier are segregating themselves from the main stream of society.
Yes they should be proud of their heritage and research it.  If they did the fact is, you would be shocked that the vast majority of these counties citizens would jump at the chance of immigrating to the USA.
It is time to wake up and smell the sweet scent of FREEDOM. Drop all of the ethnic identifiers and join together as one society. what happened to “Ask what you can do for your country, Not what your country can do for you?
All Americans should serve their country in some way to help make it better.
Why are some in the military upset that Trump won? These ungrateful individual’s are now asking to be discharged from the duty they swore to perform for their country. The truth is, these individual’s did not join the Military to serve our nation, they enlisted to either see the world free or for the free tuition that everyone enlisted enjoys. They should all be Dishonorably Discharged as they couldn’t be bothered living up to the oath of allegiance they swore. It is a privilege to serve your country and do your part to ensure the whole nations freedom.
Flag burning on the streets shows the disrespect these ungrateful morons show towards the veteran’s that gave their lives honoring that flag. They fought in horrendous wars on every continent to ensure these moron’s could demonstrate in our free society. If america offends them so much, then please do go elsewhere. The problem is that they won’t.  They do not want to lose the freedom they take for granted.

USA’s Reckoning Day

The 8th Day of November 2016 will go down in history as The U.S.A’s reckoning Day. NOTHING IN THE GOOD OLD USA WILL REMAIN THE SAME. There are so many pointers that this day will shape the FutureSumpter 1861 of these great United States. Not since (Read More)  the election of 1860 in which Abraham Lincoln won a victory, some would call great. With the Union so badly fractured and such a diversity in beliefs of how the union should be run.  Lincoln had his work cut out to bring the republic back together. The Southern States had already put forward their intent to leave the union something that Lincoln was determined would not happen under any circumstances.  The Southern States joined forces and the Confederate States were born.  It wasn’t long before the confederates started forcing any union military from their declared land.  Fort Sumter was to be the flash point that started the bloodiest war America had ever seen on their own soil.

Before a shot was fired the Confederate Commander ordered the Northern soldiers to vacate the fort and leave confederate lands. Lincoln ordered his soldiers to remain and the bloodiest war on US soil had begun.  So why did the Southern States wish to leave the union? Slavery was actually in decline as the cost of keeping slaves healthy was fast becoming uneconomical.  So with slavery in decline what was the reasoning behind Lincolns intent to wage war against fellow american’s?  Cotton is the answer, as the worlds highest producer of cotton the southern states had a vibrant economy that was far superior to the rest of the union. So from this we can only deduct the the Bloody war which claimed the life of 6000,000 Americans was in fact money motivated and not as history teachers would have you believe, it was never over slavery. Slavery in the Northern States was rampant many years after the end of the War.  Unlike the modern age, The American people in 1860 would not sanction a war over money so slavery was the ruse used by Lincoln. Lincoln must be held solely responsible for the 600,000 deaths Just as without any WMD’s being found, Bush JNR must bear the responsibility for the loss of life in Iraqi Freedom.

With 50% of the Population moving toward the far left and the other 50% moving to the far right, it equates that 50% of the people are unhappy with the way they are being ruled during any given electoral term. You simply cannot have that diversity without a need for change. Remember the EU, they thought they were indestructible until little old England decided they wanted to move their country in a different direction. This allowed them to re-negotiate all of their trade deals from scratch. This time with hindsight you will see deals that levy tariffs on countries who used to trade freely under the EU.

The Years of 1860 and 2016 have a lot in common. We are once again living in a country with diverse thoughts and beliefs and it will only get worse if Hillary wins the election she will have her way. Woo betide any poor person who gets in her way and people have a habit of dying when disagreeing with The Clinton’s (Sounds Like A Few Dictators Around The World?  )

The Left are ever moving closer to a communistic regime while the Right is moving further away. So with this in mind, how can the nation become one again? With such diversification it may very well be too late as we are already on the prissepis  and from here the only way is down.

The Clinton Threat

USA Politics as a whole is streets ahead of everything else when it cones to corruption.  A majority of Politicians are career politicians, this means their top two agenda are 1. Their survival in the post, 2. Amass as much money are they can while in office.  As the Clinton foundations Pay for Play is slowly being revealed it shows the Third highest office in the US Government was in fact up for sale to the highest bidder. Although breaking many federal laws, will any of the Clinton’s ever serve jail time? Absolutely not because they are of an elite class far from the rest of the american population who would go to jail for taking a picture of Area 51, let alone leave classified e-mails on an unprotected sever and even call int  How naive she was if she didn’t think it would be every hackers jackpot.  The FBI called it Gross carelessness, now this provokes a credibility question. Do we want someone in the White house who is grossly careless? Maybe that is the excuse she gave when they stole furniture and other items from the white house last time they left. In Truth, she is a thief and a liar and both have been proven,

The  difference between what Hillary did in the state office, and what she would do in the white house could be catastrophic to the country.  While In the state department she was restricted to suggesting projects and sales of valuable asserts to foreign governments. Can you imaging the free for all she would have holding a blank pad of presidential executive orders? She would be dishing them out as quickly as a quack pain clinic does.

The Supreme Court

If Hillary wins the election at least two new democratic judges will be added to the supreme court. This would leave the Constitution vulnerable to Modern liberal interpretation. The 2nd amendment would stay but with so many restrictions it would leave prospective gun owners filling so many forms and encountering even more bureaucratic channels to navigate through, they would probably give up. Another route Hillary likes is the loophole in the constitution that says The United States must honor all foreign treaties. So Hillary could negotiate a treat with say the UN to withdraw guns and that would then become law in the USA overriding The Constitution.

Proud to Carry

Once again the politicians are so removed from the general feel of the people that a vast majority of gun owner would not hand in their weapons. And of course nor would the millions of criminals. An attack on the 2nd amendment would push the states into civil disobedience and ever closer to the Fort Sumpter breaking point we saw in 1860.

Open boarders

Hillary wants open borders this would push state services towards  bankruptcy as they tried to coupe with the Humanitarian crises it would bring. Of course Hillary would not care about this, after all, all she would see are more voters most of whom would vote for Democrats. The States would also have to deal with the countless hardened criminals who would flock over the boarder looking for richer prey. Law and order would break down as the police were picked off one by one by either police haters or the Syrian terrorist who had been let in under democratic fantasy background checks.

Just these TWO democratic policies would be enough to start succession requests from the union. Texas would probable be first as they are already a sovereign nation. Other states would soon follow once they saw how prosperous Texas would become without Federal interference.

My prediction

Within 1 year of Hillary winning, Independent Candidates will begin running for Governorship’s countrywide, all will be Running on the policy of  mandating a referendum on secession from the union.

With a trump victory, the union will last no more than 10 years.

With a Clinton Victory it will not last 3 years

So whether it the result of the election, sooner or later, the writing is already on the wall!

This will not be a bloody war as in 1860, the war will be won or lost by the referendum ballot pole just as in the UK.  Liberals being Liberals will not want to look bad to the rest of the would by causing an armed conflict and the south as before they will never fire a shot unless in defense.

The liberal faction will call this nothing moor than a fairy-tale. While the true conservatives  and deep thinking people will see this as the writing on the wall.

God Save The United States of American


White Woman Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Guy

There is no defense for what you are about to see!
This Woman MUST be charged with 2nd degree murder and be sent to prison for the rest pf her life.

Help to decide which candidate to choose. Trump or Hillary

Undecided Survey 2016 Presidential election Results

2645 Undecided Voters for the 2016 presidential election were asked whether they agreed, disagreed or had no opinion when confronted with 20 policy statements. Date of survey 9/1/2016 – 9/3/2016. Medium: Facebook. Each participant was restricted to one entry by way of restricting both IP address and Device number.


  Question Agree Disagree No Opinion
1 Abortion on demand is Every woman’s right 33% 58% 9%
2 We Need Legislation to Require companies to hire more women and minorities 27% 62% 11%
3 Laws are required to protect Sexual orientation civil rights 44% 44% 12%
4 No Family Values should be taught in schools 21% 70% 9%
5 Whether to keep or abolish The Death Penalty Should be decided by individual states. 74% 19% 7%
6 Stricter laws should be imposed on political campaign funds 86% 8% 6%
7 Three Strikes sentencing laws should be mandatory 60% 29% 11%
8 Parents should be able to choose which school their children attend by a voucher system 59% 28% 13%
9 We should Replace coal & oil with alternatives. 42% 51% 7%
10 Drug use is not immoral and we should relax drug laws. 40% 54% 6%
11 There should be total separation of church and state. 59% 34% 7%
12 The IRS should be abolished and a Flat Tax imposed. 71% 21% 7%
13 Social Security should be Privatized 54% 38% 8%
14 The Economy is heading in the right direction. 29% 66% 5%
15 We Should Expand our Free Trade Agreements. 26% 60% 14%
16 Defense Spending should be increased. 56% 10% 34%
17 Trans Gender individuals should be able to use bathroom of their choice. 25% 66% 9%
18 The US should make National Service in the Military Mandatory. 53% 35% 11%
19 Syrian Refugee’s should be allowed into the US 30% 63% 7%
20 We should implement Open Borders and allow freedom to cross at will. 39% 59% 2%

More survey’s to come.

Election Fraud Alert

It is widely accepted that this coming election will shape the United States for many years to come. The presidential election is of special interest as the winning candidate will be able to appoint like minded Supreme Court Justices. At the present time the balance in the court is even and that can only be good for US face d-daythe country as a whole.  With administrations taking less notice of the restraints our founding fathers put on government, the balance of the supreme court is crucial to each of the main parties.

Election Fraud has been going on in the US for many years. The current President gained 100% of the vote in 59 districts in Philadelphia in 2012. Although not a mathematical impossibility, it would seem very unlikely that not one vote was cast for Mitt Romney in those 59 districts. In Another district he received over 100% of the vote, now that is an impossibility!

Fraud  and Electronic Voting systems.

Electronic systems of any sort are susceptible to manipulation via code. The most popular system used for electronic voting in the US is the Gem System. The Gem system is open to very sophisticated software manipulation like, the ability to select the winner and margin of that win prior to any vote being cast. To make things worse the only way to detect such manipulation is to search the source code during voting, something that usually never happens. Once the result has been declared the system wipes any changes and reverts back to its pre-manipulated state.

Election regulators should be forced to copy source codes of these machines before, during and at the end of voting. This is the only way we can be sure of a clean vote. It is usual that a states machines are all linked together via a network and as long as the machines are linked, every machine is vulnerable

The US Faces its D-Day

The US faces its D-day on November 8th 2016. This date will go down in history as the day US face d-daythe American people were faced with the most important decision in its 240 years of existence.  Way back in 1776 the American people took their country back from oppressive British Rule.  The time has now come for the people to once again stand up and be counted.

US vs Europe

The US although 10 years behind is rapidly catching Europe up. As a whole Europe follows socialist ideology. The Birth of the European Union was the biggest step toward world government the human race had ever seen.  Since its inception in 1993 a power hungry European Parliament systematically stripped rights from member countries. The oppressive government slowly but surly chipped away at the sovereignty of member countries in an attempt to weaken individual democratically elected governments.

The inception of the Euro currency in 1999 was meant to make currency exchange inside the union a thing of the past. The UK refused to join the EU monetary system, this was the first indication that the British people were not happy with the EU policies.  The EU parliament continued enacting what seemed to be meaningless laws like restricting the size of toasters being sold in Europe.  Laws like this were brushed aside by individual countries as meaningless when they can only be seen as infringing peoples choices.

PC became the poster boy for the community to such an extent every UK prison’s was closed while the toilets were re-positioned to ensure they were not facing Mecca and therefore would not offend Muslim Criminals.  Halal Meat, which is the only meat Muslims are allowed by their religion to eat, has emerged as the only choice available in most UK meat markets. You cannot purchase a Ham or Bacon sandwich in Subway, KFC only sell Halal Chicken. Major high street supermarkets cram their shelves with the Muslim allowed meats.  There are over 80 Sharia courts in the UK. The list goes on!  The Minority UK Muslims are restricting the choices of born and bred UK citizens.

The UK people claimed back their country on 23rd June 2016 with a vote to leave the oppression of the European Union.

USA Heading The Same Way

The similarities between the EU and the US, which is still supposedly a REPUBLIC are scary to say the least.

The USA  has reached a crossroads, some are calling it the American D-day. The first is without any doubt true. PC has run riot, high ranking administration officials are touting the value of Sharia.  Stupidity laws are being passed in a effort to restrict choices. Borders are under threat like never before. Gun control advocates are progressing towards enacting laws that would create a gun free USA. All of the these are an effort to restrict and change the way Americans live their lives. Bigger government, more entitlement programs and a defenseless population means, total government control would be easier and without any risk of insurrection.

In 1938 Hitler  and his Socialist Government enacted a Gun Control Law that made his dictatorship of Germany and the oncoming Genocide of the Jews easier to accomplish.
The D-day landings of world War Two were the beginning of the allied army’s reclaiming of fallen countries from the socialist dictator and his Nazi regime. America’s D-day will be November 8th 2016, whether the people are successful in reclaiming their country  rather largely depends on the gullibility of the American voting public.  The choice is simple, A socialistic Hillary Clinton or The peoples representative Donald Trump.  So let’s take a look at what each candidate is offering.

Hillary Clinton

  1. Wants relaxed Boarders (Sound Like Europe?)
  2. Promotes Mass Refugee Programs (Check out the troubles in Europe especially Germany)
  3. Wants Bigger Government (Sound like a move towards World Government?)
  4. Advocates Total Gun Control (Sound Like Hitler and his Nazi’s)
  5. Wants to gain control of the Supreme court to legitimize her Constitutional breaking agenda.
  6. Will continue with and expend the Failed Obamacare ( Sound like a socialist health system?)
  7.  Hillary Says, she will restrict her husband from accepting big fee’s for speech’s paid for and on behalf of Foreign entities in return for government favors. (Sound like another Hillary Lie?)

Lets look deeper at HillaryIf you are for Big Government with a Spend and Borrow mentality that promises massive Job creation by repairing and renewal our infrastructure. Are prepared to burden the Hundreds of Billions it will cost above that which she will generate by increasing taxes on an already overburdened business community. These infrastructure jobs will only be available until the completion of the program. If you are for mass government funded immigration that will bring with it, increased crime and Government funded Benefits.  If you are for Gun Control Laws that will leave the average law abiding citizen unprotected and vulnerable you should vote for Hillary.

Donald Trump

  1. Never served in any government post.
  2. Real estate developer based out of New York.
  3. Advocates for stamping out illegal immigration.
  4. Wants extreme vetting of immigrants from state sponsored terrorist countries.
  5. Wants to regenerate African American communities with a total rebuilding from the ground upward.
  6. Wants more Police and boarder patrol to police broken communities and enforce Federal immigration laws.The peoples candidate says he is working for youHis system changing plans include lowering the corporation Taxes which impede growth enabling the free marketplace to thrive.  He promises that these cuts will stimulate growth, that growth will encourage investment and that will translate to massive job growth. Mr Trump professes to be running for The People and will endeavor to clean up the cesspit that is, Washington DC.  Although Mr Trump has no political experience, his business acumen is nothing less that exceptional and that he say’s is what will set these Great United States back on the road to prosperity.

    Stand Tall and Proud, Vote To Take Our Country Back

    If you love your country and want to play your part in taking it back from the political elite, VOTE TRUMP on November 8th 2016 to remind them The People Really Do rule!


Meet The Real Donald Trump

Trump, what is the man all about? What about the claims of the Democrats? Here you will find content that is dated and new.

Now the Democrat mud slinging has been dealt with, what about the real Donald Trump. Here is a video of a young Donald answering unscripted questions (As he always does)

OK, so now you believe Trump is a patriot to the core. How many of the other candidates have you heard talk so passionately about their country?

So what about his policies?

Trump on the Establishment

Trade War


Trump Positions

Healthcare Reform

Since March of 2010, the American people have had to suffer under the incredible economic burden of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare. This legislation, passed by totally partisan votes in the House and Senate and signed into law by the most divisive and partisan President in American history, has tragically but predictably resulted in runaway costs, websites that don’t work, greater rationing of care, higher premiums, less
competition and fewer choices.   READ MORE

Economic Vision

Last week’s GDP report showed that the economy grew a mere 1.2% in the second quarter and 1.2% over the last year. It’s the weakest recovery since the Great Depression the predictable consequence of massive taxation, regulation, one-side trade deals and onerous energy restrictions.  READ MORE

Pay For The Wall

It’s an easy decision for Mexico. There are several ways to compel Mexico to pay for the wall.   READ MORE

Healthcare Reform

Since March of 2010, the American people have had to suffer under the incredible economic burden of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare. This legislation, passed by totally partisan votes in the House and Senate and signed into law by the most divisive and partisan President in American history, has tragically but predictably resulted in runaway costs, websites that don’t work, greater rationing of care, higher premiums, less
competition and fewer choices.  READ MORE


The most important component of our China policy is leadership and strength at the negotiating table. We have been too afraid to protect and advance American interests and to challenge China to live up to its obligations. We need smart negotiators who will serve the interests of American workers – not Wall Street insiders that want to move U.S.
manufacturing and investment offshore.  READ MORE


The current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is absolutely unacceptable. Over 300,000 veterans died waiting for care. Corruption and incompetence were excused. Politicians in Washington have done too little too slowly to fix it. This situation can never happen again, and when Donald J. Trump is president, it will be fixed – fast.


Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear.  The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon.  Period.  READ MORE


Real immigration reform puts the needs of working people first – not wealthy globetrotting donors. We are the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own. That must change.  READ MORE

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