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    On His Way Out!

  • Anti-American


    Clinton gets the Jitters, Will Trump Admin Investigate

  • Trump The Peoples Champion

    Will Trump Keep Campaign Promises or is he Just Another Politician?

    Wants to make America Great Again

  • The People Rule

    2016: YOU DECIDE


    Lest they forget

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Hillary Clinton, Unveiled

Hillary Clinton, Good or Bad? You decide

The Rise of Donald Trump

The Man, his businesses and promises.

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Petition to Stop Outsourcing, Bring Our Jobs Home

Sign The Petition! It’s Time to Stop Outsourcing and Bring our Jobs Home.  Corporations are betraying the very people who purchase their products and services. It seems they think it is acceptable to outsource American Jobs to fatten their purses. The time has come for The People fight back. EVERY Citizen and Legal Resident has a right […]


Sign The Clinton Investigation Petition

To the Tens of Millions of voters who voted to “Drain The Swamp” President elect Donald Trump is now backtracking on his campaign promise “I will Drain the Swamp, Believe Me!” It now seems very likely that the American People will not see justice handed out to the Swamps biggest predators The Clinton’s. To ensure […]

America Reborn

The memory of the morning of the 9th November 2016 is burnt into my head as a new beginning, a fresh start for the country I so dearly love. The air seemed to have a freshness that only comes with real change. I sat on my porch and contemplated what the much brighter future would hold for […]

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